This year’s sold-out Non Surgical Symposium (NSS) on the Gold Coast will set the stage for the showcasing of Capstone System’s latest cloud offering – Capstone Belle.Capstone Belle.

Designed to help clinics offering non-surgical services, such as cosmetic clinics, beauty clinics, medispas, and hair salons, Capstone Belle presents the latest in true cloud solutions for providers and managers alike.

“Capstone has transformed our clinic and has connected us with our patients and staff,” says Carly Whtycross, President of the Australian Society of Dermal Clinicians. Ms Whytcross’s clinic has been running on Capstone for the last two years prior to this commercial release. “We love the freedom of being in the cloud,” she says.

Capstone Belle definitely catches your eye with a sleek user interface, search-driven menu, and features that go well beyond an electronic appointment book.  Integrating Office365 and management tools for documents, suppliers, and assets, Capstone Belle provides a beautiful and comprehensive clinic management solution. What also grabs your attention is the price. At just $50 per provider per month, Capstone Belle offers both small and large clinics a very attractive option.

As a true-cloud product, Capstone Belle also offers the flexibility to run multiple locations from one subscription. With the heavy adoption of cloud technology continuing across all business sectors, Capstone Belle offers an easy option for clinics looking to grow while increasing business mobility and agility.

Delegates at the NSS will have first rights to the Capstone Belle Pilot Program, giving access to the software and an opportunity to have their say in the development of future features.

“This is a unique offering for clinics at the NSS this year,” explains Tim Madden, Lead for Business Development at Capstone System. “We believe in the power of collaboration and want the clinics in our pilot program to have input on the features that will help them grow their business.”

The Pilot Program is also open to applications from clinics not attending the NSS, but limited spaces are available. Applications can be made here.

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