It may not be rocket surgery, but software development is starting to make some headlines for the wrong reasons.

With a blow out in costs and timeframe for delivery, the Australian Governments Child Support System is the latest illustration that software development isn’t easy.

In fact, it’s rather complicated.

Fairfax Media report that the “$104 million project to replace the ageing technology which supports payments of more than $3.2 billion a year is late and in disarray, with about 3000 public servants at the Child Support Agency still trying to work with technology that was declared obsolete four years ago.”

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How do these projects get so far off track?  It can be, and often is, a mixture of factors.  Ever-evolving scope of works, incorrect projections, project management holes, environmental resistance, and scalability of resource can all contribute to a draining of time and money.

At Capstone System, we’ve worked hard to develop and implement a sustainable and scalable model for software development and delivery.  Utilising Agile Scrum mythology and scalability across product design & architecture, human resource, and cloud services, Capstone System has delivered an effective solution to plastic surgery practice management on a cloud platform.

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