Service Cancellation Declaration


Service Cancellation Declaration

To cancel your service with Capstone, please complete the form on this page once you have read and understood the terms of the cancellation here:
The Customer (you) declares that the information provided via the online form on this web page is true and correct.

The Customer agrees that:

• it has requested the cancellation of the nominated Services;

• it releases Capstone Medical Pty Ltd (Capstone), its employees, agents, contractors and related bodies corporate, from all current and future claims which it now has or may have at any time in the future against CAPstone and any other such person in respect of the Services; and

• it must ensure that any person related to, or affiliated with, it does not bring any claim against Capstone or its related bodies corporate in respect of the Services. The above extends to any present or future liability whether or not the facts or law giving rise to such actual or potential liability are known to either party or have been discussed between them; and

• all data stored by Capstone on behalf of the Customer as part of their subscription will be deleted in its entirety following the receipt of this Service Cancellation Declaration. No data will be retrievable at a later date; and

• an export of The Customer’s current data can be requested in writing to Capstone by The Customer prior to the submission of this Service Cancellation Declaration; and

• Capstone will confirm the receipt of this Service Cancellation Declaration in writing (via email).

The Customer is required to pay any and all remaining service costs, including to the end of the month (the remaining minimum period). For example, if The Customer cancels the service at the start of the billing month period, The Customer is required to pay the remainder of the monthly fee. No credit or refund is available if the service is canceled prior to the end of the monthly billing period.

Required Information