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    Monthly Pricing

    $50per provider
    • Features Include:

      Appointment & Scheduling
      Client Record & Notes tools
      Checklists & O365 Integration
      Organisation Management tools
      Accounts & Reports

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    • Subscriptions are calculated per Provider
      (eg. Nurse, Dermal Clinician, Beauty Therapist)
      All other Users (admin, management etc) are free.
      SMS Credits are not included.
    Data migration available.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Can I cancel or adjust my subscription later?
    Yes, of course – Capstone is a monthly service and you can cancel or adjust your subscription at any time.
    2. How do I calculate my subscription cost?
    Subscriptions are calculated by how many providers, not users, you have in your system. A provider is any user that needs to book appointments and/or bill an account. This could be a nurse, dermal clinician, beauty therapist, etc. To calculate your expected subscription cost, simply multiply the number of providers with the monthly fee.All other users are free.
    3. Which methods of payment do you accept?
    Our Monthly Subscriptions are paid via Direct Debit. We will help you set this up.
    4. Do you provide training?
    You will have access to our full Capstone Help Centre full of video training resources.  This is a tool you can keep going back to and is always available in your subscription.
    Please note: we don’t offer on-site training.
    5. What does my subscription cost cover?
    Your subscription with us covers the delivery of Capstone System as a Sofware as a Service offering. Please consult your Online Terms of Service and SLA for more details.
    6. What does my subscription cost not cover?
    Other 3rd party integrations include SMS Central (smscentral.com.au) for sending and receiving SMS messages within Capstone. These SMS credits can be purchased directly from SMS Central.
    7. When do I start paying my subscription?
    Your subscription commences once you have received your login.
    8. Does Capstone work on PC and Mac?
     Yes. Capstone operates as a web-application so can run on both PC & Mac.
    9. Do you offer support?
     Yes. Capstone offers support via both an integrated ticketing system, allowing you to upload images & videos, and email.
    10. What specification does Capstone require to run?
    We recommend the following to run Capstone:
    • good internet connection (10X10 connection)
    • Latest OS for Windows or MacOS
    • Latest version of Google Chrome

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