Overall reliability is a major concern with any server or production system. The basic question is, “Will the system be available when I need it?” Here are 3 reasons why the cloud is more reliable than your server onsite and why Capstone, as a cloud-delivered solution, makes sense for your clinic.

1. Redundancy

To a large degree, most computer hardware is just as prone to failure as any other hardware. Extra things like fire suppression, redundant data and power systems can become extremely expensive. Adding the ability to fail over to a colocated data centre can add some serious cost to overall system hosting.  This can dramatically increase your costs.  Utilising a cloud solution, such as Capstone, removes this cost and responsibility from you and is delivered as part of your subscription.

2. Cost

Some companies with existing data centres have the idea that their own data centre is either better or just as good as any cloud provider, like Microsoft Azure, the hosting provider of Capstone. The fact is that unless your clinic or practice has spent millions of dollars ($) on building and maintaining their infrastructure, then it is highly unlikely they can compete with the world class hosting of Microsoft Azure.

3. Peace of mind

An added bonus of getting all these features in Capstone as part of the Microsoft Azure service offering, the practice managers and surgeons don’t even have to think about them; not even once. These are all automatic features.

Capstone System is hosted by Microsoft Azure to give your practice peace of mind. Discover how Capstone System can help you achieve more with your time to grow a healthy practice.

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